Inner Wheel Club includes two more schools in Happy School” project


    Jamshedpur, Feb. 24: Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur has adopted two government schools and converted them into a “Happy School.”

    Dayanand Arya Vedic School was inaugurated on February 10 this year. Altogether 583 children are being benefited from the efforsts of the Inner Wheel Club and the school is runs classes from 1 to 8 and has nine teachers.

    The other school is a primary school in New Kapali Basti, which was inaugurated on February 23, 2016. A total of 115 children will be benefited in this school, which runs classes from 1 to 5 and there has two teachers.

    “Happy School” project aims at providing a good environment to the children in schools. It’s a project undertaken in the government-run schools by Inner Wheel Club. This project of Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur fulfills some of the criteria to make a school a “Happy School.”

    The club ensures that the school has access to safe drinking water, toilet, sanitation, white wash or painting of the schools, school uniform, footwear, e-learning, library facilities etc.


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