Infertility clinic at MGM closed for three months


    Jamshedpur, June 14: The infertility treatment clinic at MGM Hospital in Saatchi is shut for the last three months.

    According to sources the hospital doesn’t have a space available to run the infertility clinic which results in suffering of the patients. In the last two years the infertility treatment clinic has been shifted thrice inside the hospital.

    Primarily, the clinic was run from A Block in the first floor and later it was shifted to the first floor of the administrative building.

    After the private X-ray centre started on PPP mode, the clinic was again shifted near the emergency gate. There after two months, infertility treatment clinic was removed and children immunization centre was started and for the last three the infertility clinic has been shut.

    According to sources in the hospital, around 70-80 patients visit the hospital looking for the clinic but have to return empty handed.


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