Industries in Jamshedpur forefront in going the Green way


    Jamshedpur, Nov. 19: A B Lall, Chairman, CII-Jharkhand State Council & Plant Head, Tata Motors Ltd., Jamshedpur called on the need and importance of adopting green measures in Indian Industry. Addressing the gathering at CIIs awareness Programme on Green Companies (GreenCo), Lall said, going green is an imperative for sustainable development and competitive business growth. It not only addresses ecological issues but also makes good business sense, he underscored.

    Today, Indian industry is adopting some of the finest green technologies in their operations. This augurs well for both economy & environment, he highlighted. Measures like energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, reusing and recycling waste, using every drop of water efficiently, rain water harvesting are being undertaken across various sectors. He urged industries in Jamshedpur to continue to take proactive steps and demonstrate leadership in going the green way.

    Mr Lall informed that the today’s programme aims to further propel green initiatives among companies and catalyse GreenCo movement in Jamshedpur. Similar such initiative were organised in Haldia, Mysore and Nashik. Today’s awareness programme were marked by sessions on –World class Green practices & sharing of experience by Tata motors Jamshedpur while undertaking GreenCo certification, he said.

    Neeraj Kant, Vice-Chairman, CII-Jamshedpur Zone & Managing Director, The Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd.(ISWP) highlighted that, one of the key initiatives of CII in promoting green companies is the launch of GreenCo Rating system, the “first-of-its-kind in the world”.

    GreenCo Rating defines and assesses the performance of companies on Green front and underlines the way forward to facilitate world class competitiveness through Green strategies, he underlined.

    Till date, 82 companies are certified with GreenCo Rating and over 250 companies across several sectors are working on GreenCo certification, he informed. Tata Motors in Jamshedpur is one of the first companies in Jamshedpur to undergo the GreenCo rating, he added.


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