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Indo-American Chamber focuses on more connect with US companies


Nakul Kamani elected chairman of IACC Jharkhand  

Jamshedpur, Nov 20: Nakul Kamani, Chairman, Samarth Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd.  and president of Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES) Society has been elected the chairman of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Jharkhand Desk.  

The change of leadership of Jharkhand Desk of IACC happened with the conclusion of the Eastern India Council meeting at Kolkata.

Sanjeev Raman and Dilip Goel were re-elected as Vice Chairman. AK Srivastava, who was Chairman of the desk for the last three years handed over the baton to Kamani. Nakul Kamani will also be part of the Eastern India Regional Council of IACC.

The desk held its first meeting at Narbheram Hansraj English School under the leadership of the new Chairman on November 17.

The newly elected National President, Kapil Kaul, shared his vision of the year with the members.  Kaul elaborated on his selected theme for the year which is “Energy, Ecology and Environment”. 

Kamani also mentioned that he had attended the virtual meeting to welcome the new US Consul General Melinda Pavek to India and had invited her to visit Jamshedpur, and she had expressed her keen desire to do so.  Kapil Kaul mentioned that it would be his endeavor also to arrange a visit of the US Ambassador, to Jamshedpur.

The meeting concluded with specific focus on increasing the membership, more connect with US companies, and establishing direct contact with the US Consul General office to address the needs of the members. Three specific focus areas that were highlighted during the meeting were to conduct more events with involvement of the US Commercial Department, US companies, industry bodies, government officials, and the industrialists.

To have a focused approach to the education sector and conduct programmes in collaboration with colleges and schools for dissemination of information about various scholarships, VISA requirements, and admission to colleges. The third aspect was to discuss the investment promotion policy between US companies and governments to suit the requirements of local industry and business.

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), established in 1968, is the apex bi-lateral Chamber synergizing India-US Economic Engagement.


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