Indian blackberry juice launched in city


    Jamshedpur, June 22: Bhatia Milkshake, the primary source of milkshake in Jamshedpur on Thursday announced the launch of Indian blackberry juice and its seeds powder.

    Rajendra Singh Bhatia, owner of the Bistupur market situated famous milkshake centre, said, Indian blackberry is an important summer fruit with many health and medicinal benefits.

    Addressing a press conference on Thursday, Bhatia informed that Indian blackberry also helps to relieve stomach pain, carminative, anti-scorbutic and diuretic. It is good to reduce enlargement of spleen, diarrhoea, and those have urine retention problems, added Bhatia.

    He further said that seeing the demand of the customers these items have been launched. The cost of one litre Indian blackberry juice is Rs 200 while 500 gram of its seed powder also costs Rs 200. It can be stored for a year and used accordingly, added Bhatia.

    Also present at the pres conferenec were Rinky Bhatia, Gurpreet Bhatia and others.


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