India should augment research work, facilities


    Jamshedpur, June 9: On day 3 of the management research methodology workshop at XLRi on Wednesday, PhD students presented research papers.

    The students gave suggestion to improve the labour management through human resources management.

    Dr. Sarosh Kuruvilla, industrial relation, Asian studies and public affair professor at New York’s Cornell University, informed the PhD students about the importance of research.

    ‘There are lot of things to be done in the research field in India which is still lacking behind and there is a need to boost up the research work in India.

    PhD students will play a vital role in completing the research work which would bring new things to the fore, added Dr. Kuruvilla.

    He further said that after the Narendra Modi led BJP government came into office, the investment has increased in the research field but nothing is still seen on the ground level.

    The cream of the country still want to go to USA or Europe because they don’t get the research facilities in India.

    ‘To improve the higher education facility in the country there is a need to hire young teachers. There is a scarcity of teachers in several professional institutes along with IIMs’, said Dr. Kuruvilla.

    Dr. Shubha Patvardhan, assistant professor of management at University of Delaware, encouraged the students to bring better output in this direction.

    ‘Management students should take interest in doing PhD after completing their MBA and can take this filed to new heights’, added Dr. Shubha.

    The workshop being organized jointly by XLRI Jamshedpur and Cornell University of New York will conclude on June 10.

    The workshop which started on June 6 has more than 30 participants from top management institutes of the country.


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