IIMM supply chain management very much in line with PMs Skill Development


    Jamshedpur, Sept 9: The students of Indian Institute of Material Management (IIMM) celebrated the “Teachers’ Day” at the RMCE Library.

    Chairman K.M.Bhardwaj, Vice Chairman Shambhu Shekhar, National Council Member A K Srivastava, Course Coordinator G D Pandey, a large number of students and all the faculty members were present on the occasion.

    Chief Guest S K Choudhary Dy. President and Guest of Honor Shanawaz Alam Vice President of Tata Workers Union graced the occasion.

    At the outset the students honoured the chief guest, Guest of Honour, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Course Coordinator and all the faculty members’ viz. Chandreshwar Khan, K R K Kumar, Sayan Mukherjee, Rajeev Kumar and G D Pandey by presenting flower bouquets.

    Senior Student Neelesh Kumar Mishra conducted the proceeding along with other senior students of GDMM & PGDMM.
    S K Choudhary in his speech spoke about the good work done by IIMM by providing the Skill of Supply Chain Management to the students and making them confident to work in the area of Supply chain management.

    He said that it is very much in line with the efforts of the Prime Minister’s Skill Development program.

    He thanked all the faculty members, Chairman and Executive committee members of IIMM for the efforts they are taking in inculcating the confidence and the subject matter of SCM.

    Shahnawaz Alam spoke about the importance of “GURU and Shishyaparampara” which is very much in practice in India. It is only our country where the guru is also taking pain in development of the students. They take care of each and every student be it a meritorious one or having less capabilities. Everyone is nourished in such a way that they become very useful for the society.

    K M Bhardwaj, in his address spoke about the Teachers Day and said that it was the greatness of the Past President of India Sarwapally Radhakrishnan who was a great scholar and a great teacher.

    When his students wished to celebrate his Birthday, Dr. Radhakrishnan said that the best tribute will be to observe this day as “Teachers’ Day”. A K Srivastava spoke about the increasing materialistic relationship in between the teachers and the students, especially at the school level where the teachers go to school only for collecting the salaries in the Government run schools.

    There is no bonding between a student and the teacher. This is creating a false legacy and the students have to take tuition for understanding the subject. However, he said, that the bond and the relationship at IIMM among the teachers and the students are very good like the bond of “Araldite” which never breaks.


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