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If the camaraderie between India and Israel upsets Imran, then let it


By R.K.Sinha

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, continues to be distressed over the strengthening of relations between India and Israel. If he could have it his way, he would not miss an opportunity to dismember the camaraderie between these two nations. However, he is helpless. That is why he keeps venting his anger out on the cordial relations between India and Israel. Even if he displays his resentment and frustration about the issue it doesn’t matter.

Well, he recently claimed that in the same manner as Israel has grabbed the land of Palestine, India is adopting the same attitude in the Muslim-majority Union territory of Kashmir. India wants to derail the crux of the population of Kashmir. He is deeply troubled by the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to settle non-Kashmiris in Kashmir. Maybe now is the right time for someone to notify Mr. Imran Khan that like the other states and union territories, Kashmir is also a province of India. India has the liberty to do whatever it sees fit there. Why does this seem to be such a huge inconvenience to them? India does not need to take any advice from Pakistan. Therefore, if Imran Khan keeps to his own business about the situation in Kashmir, then his health may not deteriorate as fast as it is.

The more Imran Khan speaks, the sooner he reveals his meager knowledge. He claims that Article 370 of the Constitution of India was abolished when our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi visited Israel. Imran Khan should first get his facts checked, as Modi Ji visited Israel in 2017, whereas the special status of Jammu and Kashmir seized in the year 2019. Meaning, the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan keeps proving himself through his superficial knowledge. He is in fact possessed of a frustrating personality and only feels threatened over India’s achievements and progress.

Some time ago, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) President Rameez Raza had said that if it wanted, India could effortlessly destroy Pakistan’s cricket, because most of the funding to the International Cricket Council comes via India. This statement was given by a person whom Imran Khan had made the head of the PCB. Obviously, Imran Khan remains flustered and agitated due to such reasons. Despite Imran Khan’s agitation, India-Israel relations will continue to strengthen and thrive.

The association between the two nations is based on deep mutual understanding and trust. The relationship has, is, and shall forever remain rock solid. The contributions towards the solidification of the India-Israel relationship by Prime Minister Modi and the outgoing Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu cannot be forgotten. Israel has always been a true friend to India in times of crisis. Although India stood blindly with the Arab world even on the Palestine issue, in return India never got the expected cooperation from there. On the contrary, whenever the question of Kashmir arose, the Arab nations always supported Pakistan. Unlike them, Israel always helped India in every way.

Let me say that a few elements in India too openly oppose Israel. They forget that Israel has always been our friend in troubled times. Take the example of the Jamia Millia Islamia university. Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, their students had protested against Israel. They were demanding that there would be no Israeli participation in Jamia. They said that Israel was severely violating human rights in Palestine. India will have to crack down on such elements. Not only Pakistan, but the entire Arab world has been against Israel. Even though some things seem to be improving now, Israel has been cast as a negative image in the minds of Muslims all over the world.

In fact, a war broke out in 1957 between Israel and its neighboring nations, which is known as the Arab-Israeli War. During the war, Pakistan’s fighter jets also fought for Arab countries. The war lasted from June 5 to June 11, 1967. Subsequent to this war, the face of West Asia stood remodeled. Israel pushed back Egypt from Gaza, Syria from the Golan Hills, and Jordan from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Although the fighter jets of Pakistan had openly participated in the war, Israel emerged victoriously.

Apart from India, Pakistan’s foreign policy also considers Israel as an enemy. Pakistan has neither recognized Israel nor made an attempt to establish relations with it. The passport of Pakistan clearly states that it supports visits to every country except Israel. On the other hand, Israel does not recognize Pakistan because Pakistan recognizes Palestine based on religious grounds. There are many reasons responsible for the resentful relations between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan is a very undignified and filthy country. Its very foundation was born with hatred towards India. In Pakistan, the person who deceitfully and illegally sold nuclear weapon technology to North Korea is idolised. We are talking about the infamous scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is called the “Father of the Islamic Atomic Bomb”. He has recently passed away. He spent the last 17 years of his life in captivity. After his death, he was made a hero. He died begging for his release.

Qadeer who was born in Bhopal, India, hated Hindus throughout his life. He was also often disregarded when compared to India’s Missile Man and Former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Kalam, who equipped India with the unmatched power of missiles and atomic bombs like Agni and Prithvi, was made the President of the country. He proved to be the President of the people. It is obvious that Abdul Qadeer Khan was jealous of Kalam. He even went on to say in an interview that Kalam was a ‘simple scientist’. Now we can understand how heartless their (Pakistan’s) heroes are.

Nevertheless, the subject at hand was why Imran Khan remains discontented about India-Israel relations. He has no option but to be dejected as India-Israel relation is based on honourable values and equality. It is the responsibility of India to protect and stand with Israel. Israel’s help for India has been decisive in many wars. This is proof of its camaraderie with our nation.

(The author is a senior editor, columnist, and former MP. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author.)


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