IdeaKon at XLRI today


    Jamshedpur, Oct. 31: In line with the objective of the XLRI to encourage entrepreneurship and service, e-Cell at XLRI is organising IdeaKon, a speaker series cum networking event on entrepreneurship at its campus.  

    Startups from different parts of the country, in different fields would share their experiences with the audience.

    These experiences would consist of the journey of the startups right from inception of the idea to the motivation behind pursuing it further as well as interesting instances along the way which inspired or changed the thinking of the  founders. The speakers may also share any other instances which they think would be beneficial to the members of the audience.

    The speakers for IdeaKon include Dhaval Shah  ( Pharmacy, XLRI, general secretary, 2013),  Jaspreet Singh Saluja (founder,  Housing), R avi Shankar Mishra (fFounder, Medinfi healthcare ),  Sharad Kumar (founder, Fashionove) and Ayaan  Chawla (Founder and CEO of Asian Fox Developments) .

    IdeaKon is an interactive event which includes speaker sessions conducted by entrepreneurs, enlightening the audience about their exciting journeys, with an Audience to Startup Networking Session, followed by a Startup to Startup Networking Session. These speaker sessions would be from several back grounds; ranging from fashion ; to green fuel; to healthcare; to IT solutions.

    The purpose behind this is to bring variety to the platform and facilitate healthy discussion. To encourage the student fraternity at XLRI, the rounds also have an elevator pitch session that will be running parallel to the aforementioned Networking Sessions.  

    The audience would benefit greatly from the experiences shared by the startups on the stage, as well as off stage.

    These experiences may also motivate a number of students here in XLRI to take the plunge into an entrepreneurial venture.

    IdeaKon would also be a great place for the startups to network with each other, as well as with some of  the professors here in XLRI. To enable the next startup story, IdeaKon would also have an idea validation round for the students.

    XLRI, a fore runner in the field of entrepreneurship houses an Entrepreneurship Cell, a  student  run  body  formed  with  a  view  to  promoting  entrepreneurship  among Students and  helping  aspiring   entrepreneurs  become  one The  Entrepreneurship  Cell  at  XLRI,  in  an effort  to  foster  and  improve  the  entrepreneurship  ecosystem  in  the  campus  and  outside,  holds  myriads  of  events,  workshops and summits throughout the year.


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