Health department on toes as diarrhea cases on the rise


    Jamshedpur, July 16: The district health department has started taking steps to counter rising cases of diarrhea following two deaths at Baghbera. Administration has asked public where in any one can inform about patients suffering from diarrhea after which the surveillance office can sent teams for spraying of bleaching powders in the affected areas and arrange treatment of the affected persons.
    Meanwhile the health department has asked the residents to form small groups themselves and make others aware as to how to keep the environment clean so that the mosquito-breeding can be curbed effectively.

    “We need to understand that mosquitoes that carry the virus of dengue do not come from outside, rather they generate from the household things like flower-pots, coolers water, rejected tyre kept on the roof top or in the corner of the garden. So we must ensure that there is no such place where water is stagnant for sometime,” said an official.

    We want to make tests accurate so that the people are not gripped with fear of dengue and can be treated accordingly. Even patients with minor complains of fever are gripped with panic. We want to ensure ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) test so that the patients can be easily detected,’ noted the officer.

    “We would be writing letters to all the government and private hospitals and also nursing homes in the district to let us know immediately about patients with symptoms of any of these diseases so that we can collect samples and send it for elisa test in the new diagnostic kit at MGM Medical College,” said an official. Each of the test kits can undertake a total of 96 tests. On a day, there can be a maximum of 25 tests in a kit for any of the three diseases.

    With Steel City’s weather at its unpredictable best, there has been a rise in cases of water-borne diseases in the city.

    Hospitals in the city are reporting an increased incidence of gastroenteritis (GE) and cases with symptoms of cholera. Water contamination, especially in low-lying areas that were inundated in the recent rain, is said to be the reason.

    If the reports from the various nursing homes and doctors of the city are to be believed then every day 15-20 cases of dysentery or nausea are being reported.

    “We are following the directive of health director in letter and spirit. Apart from routine drive of spraying larvicidal and bleaching powder in places affected by viral outbreaks and submerged by water we have planned a massive sensitisation campaign on public amplifier and distribution of pamphlets about preventive steps against vector and also against hygienic steps like drinking boiled water, avoiding open foods, eating only after washing hands in the affected areas to prevent spread of diarrhea,” said the official.


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