Guru Nank Jayanti at Sheyn International School


    Jamshedpur : Sheyn Internation School, celebrated Guru Nanak jayanti on the school campus. A special assembly was conducted by the senior students with a religious prayer.

    A group of five children enacted the role of Panch Pyara”. The importance of celebrating the birthday of Guru Nanak Devji was emphasized. He was the first Guru of the Sikhs and was a great saint and mystic.

    He was also considered as a prophet of peace, love, truth and renaissance. The Sheynites also read the sacred prayer “Japji Sahib” and its meaning was explained in detail.

    The children further enacted the “Nagar Kirtan” and went around the school reciting all the sacred hymns of the Sikhs. The programme was concluded by the “Ardaas” which has its own religious and spiritual importance. The entire atmosphere was full of strong vibes and serenity .

    Principal, Mr. A. B. Sinha also wished everyone a very happy “Gurupurab” and explained the importance of the festival and the universal message and belief that Guru Nanak Devji wanted to


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