Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Govt. will endeavor to employ maximum local people: CM at Gumla

Gumla, Feb. 10: Addressing the Jatra program at Albert Ekka Stadium in Gumla, Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that the aim and objective of such type of social gatherings is to avert social menace. Social meetings increase unity. One society should coordinate with other.

The CM said that political parties are being consulted to make the domicile policy. He said that the govt. will endeavour to employ maximum local people.

He said that the govt. is committed to educate and elevate the girls. The govt. promotes girls education. Mamta, a girl who refused to marry to continue her studies, has been given Rs. 1,00,000 cheque by the govt. for the purpose. The govt. has started Yojana Banao Abhiyan for the benefit the people.

He said that everyone should come forward for development of the people. The govt. is trying to create employment through MGNAREGA.

The CM appealed the people not to waste rain water and conserve it for their agricultural needs. He said that the state will get funds from the center from the 14th Finance Commission. He also ensured that the state will develop in 4 years.

Central Minister for State Sudarshan Bhagat, local MLA Shivshankar Oroan, famous social activist and the PMs brother Prahlad Bhai Modi, Bilaspur MP Ramlakhan Sahu, educationist Bhuwaneshwar Anuj and many officers were present on this occasion.

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