Sunday, April 11, 2021

Founder’s Day: Fairyland in Jamshedpur may not be recreated but the spirit will prevail

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Jamshedpur, Feb 21: Every season brings with it a string of festive times some among which are special. While some festivals are religious or linked to regional traditions, the dream city of a visionary is one of the rare places where all festivals dissolve man-made barriers and are celebrated by all. That is why Jamshedpur is a unique city that houses one large fraternity sharing common values of respect for tradition. And one such tradition is the celebration of Founder’s Day on March 3 every year.

Octogenarian citizens recall their childhood at such times when they were taken on a conducted tour by family elders of a Fairyland that Jamshedpur used to be converted to in celebration of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata’s birth anniversary. Well the tradition has continued and with time, the illuminations and designs have become more awe-inspiring with perhaps the fireworks organized at the Sonari airport missing. But the spirit of March 3 is a part of the city’s contagious tradition that has continued to be passed on through generations.

Hoards of human masses descend on the city from far and near to another world of fantasy created in Jubilee Park on March 3. Even perennial grumblers with special disdain for crowds and sweat do not mind being pushed along by a wave of humanity whose hunger for more mesmerizing and glittering delights grow with every display they pass.

But in 2021, Founder’s Day will be different. In view of the pandemic restrictions and with citizen’s healthcare in mind, the enthralling illumination will not be there. It is going to be a simple affair. The Jubilee Park will not be opened to the masses understandably for the Tatas are known to care for the people. Of course, there will be décor of lights at certain city points like the TSUISL (formerly JUSCO Ltd) roundabout which might be a whiff of excitement evoked on such occasions. The glamour may not be pronounced but the flavor of spring will permeate as the citizens get set to celebrate Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata’s 182nd birth anniversary.

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