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Fog to result in poor visibility for 72 hours in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, Nov 26: Early morning fog is expected to result in poor visibility in Jamshedpur and several parts of Jharkhand during the next 72- hours.
The Ranchi centre of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Friday issued an alert about dense fog, specially in southern and central parts of Jharkhand, for the next three days.

The fog is expected to reduce the surface visibility in Jamshedpur and other parts of Kolhan and Khunti to less than 1000 metres (1 Km).

The local IMD observatory in Jamshedpur recorded visibility of around 1.2Km soon after sunrise around 6.20 am. The visibility improved only after 8 am.
“In some places there was fog and in others mist was witnessed in early morning, resulting in poor visibility,” said Abhishek Anand, head of Ranchi Meteorological Centre. 

Shallow fog is also expected in several areas of Kolhan early in the morning resulting in poor visibility.

Weather en said such early morning fog would continue for the next three days, at least. The fog was due to the impact of high humidity and low temperature.

“This is the transitional phase of weather and fog would occur frequently, specially in those places which are located at a higher altitude,” explained a climate analyst.
Dry weather prevailed in most parts of the state during the past 24- hours with night readings recording between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius in most places.


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