EVMs and VVPAT sealed at strong room in Co-operative College


    Jamshedpur : After the elections, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) collected from the six assembly constituencies across the East Singhbhum district were sealed at the strongroom in Jamshedpur Co-operative College (JCC) today.

    According to information EVMs from 25 polling booths were air-lifted from the naxal-infested Ghatshila and Ghurabandha constituencies this morning.

    The EVMs from remote areas in Ghatshila and Ghurabandha assembly constituencies were first brought to the cluster centres set up in the block offices and then today were brought to strong room.

    East Singhbhum district senior superintendent of police, Amol V Homkar confirmed that the over two dozens EVMs were air-lifted from the naxal-infested areas today.

    “We want to ensure safety for the EVMs. The EVMs were brought to the cluster points from the polling booths in those areas, but air-lifting them from the cluster-points was not possible as it had started becoming dark yesterday.

    Therefore, the polled EVMs were brought to the college based strongroom today only,” said the senior SP. Homkar said the EVMs were carried under tight security by choppers which landed at the Sonari aerodrome and from there to the JCC ground.

    A total of six constituencies falls under East Singhbhum Jamshedpur East, Jamshedpur West, Jugsalai, Ghatshila, Potka and Baharagora assembly constituencies.

    In the Jamshedpur East and Jamshedpur West constituencies, the VVPATs were used during polling for the first time.


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