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After Everest, Hemant Gupta eyes Seven Summits

Jamshedpur, June 12: Tata Steel employee Hemant Gupta who conquered Mount Everest on May 27 is eyeing the “Seven Summits”.

An IIT Bombay graduate, Gupta while interacting with media-persons at JRD Tata Sports Complex on Monday, said he has a dream of annexing all the Seven Summits (highest peaks in each of the seven continents).

“I have already annexed two of them (Aconcagua and Everest) and am eager to climb the other five. However, I cannot commit on the time line,” said Hemant who returned to Jamshedpur last night.

“The Seven Summits present different challenges that have to be overcome with extreme and testing fortitude. Summiting all of them is regarded as one of the world’s biggest mountaineering challenge and my immediate next target is to conquer Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica (16,050 ft),” added Hemant.

Payo Murmu, another employee of Tata Steel, working as a Loco Traffic Ground Control Staff in Raw Materials Division and also on this expedition with Hemant Gupta, was not able to make the final attempt towards the Summit due to inclement weather.

Talking about his Everest expedition, Hemant said, “Life completely changed when I joined TSAF in September 2013 and a dream to summit Everest started from there as I climbed stairs and took to rock climbing in my initial days.”

Hemant said, “My mother refused to send me for the expedition to Mt. Everest after the earthquake in 2015 that struck Nepal which triggered an avalanche from Pumori into the base camp on Mount Everest and we somehow managed to escape’. He further said that it was very difficult for me to convince my mother but Bachendri Pal mam helped me a lot and she also talked to my mother and somehow convinced her.”

Bachendri Pal, currently heading Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF), praised the mental toughness of the young techie and his ability to enjoy hardship, which were the attributes required to annex world’s tallest peak.

“I have been observing the progress of Hemant Gupta (who returned to city last night) ever since he joined TSAF in 2013 and though initially he was not physically strong but he had mental strength and a strong resolve and with endurance and strong will power he has now started enjoying hardship and is very focused.

He has all the attributes not only for a good climber but also to head the Foundation (TSAF) and I am ready to hand him the baton,” said Pal.

Also present on the occasion, ace mountaineer and Padma Shri awardee Premlata Agarwal said, if one had the support of Tata Steel and a mentor like Bachendri Pal no target in the world was impossible to achieve.

Later, talking about his professional career, Hemant said he joined Tata Steel in 2011 and as a management trainee he had undertaken TSAF Outdoor Leadership Course in Uttarkashi Himalaya.

‘My first tryst with adventure came through by successfully completing the one month Basic Mountaineering Course from the National Mountaineering Institute in Manali’, added Gupta.

TSAF thereafter included him in the TSAF organized Chamser Kangri Expedition in which he reached up to 21100 ft. His love for adventure made him join the Adventure Programme Department in September 2013.

Since then he has climbed Mt Aconcagua (22860 ft) – Highest peak of America (one of the seven summits) in 2015, Mt Bhagirathi II (21310 ft) in Gangotri region, Climbed Island Peak (20400ft) in Nepal, Mt Kanamo (19600ft) in Spiti Valley of HP Himalaya.

Hemant, a metallurgy graduate from IIT-Bombay, who worked at Tata Steel Jamshedpur and Kalinganagar (Odisha) units before joining TSAF in September 2013, became the seventh climber from Jharkhand to wrest Everest, joining the likes of Bachendri (May 23, 1984) Premlata Agarwal (May 20, 2011), Rajender Singh Pal (May 26, 2012), Vinita Soren (May 26, 2012), Meghlal Mahto (May 26, 2012) and Susen Mahto (May 19, 2013).

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