Equip Day 2015: Improvement Initiatives of schools recognized


    Jamshedpur, Dec. 16: Tata Business Excellence Group (earlier Tata Quality Management Services) organised a two day program EQUIP DAY 2015” and “EDUQUEST 2015” on December 15 and 16 respectively. “EQUIP DAY 2015” was to recognize the improvement efforts of Jamshedpur schools in various areas of school functioning while “EDUQUEST 2015” provides a platform to schools to share their innovative practices.

    At the Equip Day -16 Projects were shortlisted out of a total of 58 for presentation before a Jury comprising of Mr. R.P.Tyagi (former Sr General Manager Tata Steel) , Mr Pankaj Kumar (Head , TQM , Tata Steel) and Ms Rekha Seal ( former Ethics Counsellor , Tata Steel and TQMS).

    EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement Projects) was initiated since 2010 to help schools identify and work on improvement areas. More than 50% of the participating schools have been reporting EQUIPs since then.

    This year the participating schools are: Baridih High School, Baug-E-Jamsheed School, Gulmohur High School, Hill Top School, J.H.Tarapore School, Jusco School Kadma, Jusco School, South Park, Kasidih High School, KPS, Burmamines, KPS, Kadma, KPS, Mango, Kerala Samajam Model School, Kidzee Pearly Gates, Little Flower School, Motilal Nehru Public School, RMS Khutadih and TaraporeSchool ,Agrico.

    Of the 16 teams that presented their EQUIP projects , the Jury selected eight projects for implementation review prior to recognition at the TEEP Annual function. The projects selected are :‘Parachute Play’ by Baug-E- Jamsheed School, ‘Office Digitisation-The Ginnie’ by Kasidih High School, ‘Young Leaders Program’ by Gulmohur High School, ‘Fun Filled Friday’ by Kerala Samajam Model School, ‘Value Lab’ by Jusco School , South Park, ‘Shhh-Still Talking’ by Motilal Nehru Public School, ‘To Improve Listening Skills‘ by RMS High School ,Khutadih and ‘Teachers Excellence‘ fromT arapore School , Agrico. All 16 teams were awarded certificates of participation.

    Jury member ,Ms Rekha Seal, stated that schools should benefit from each other’s EQUIP projects by sharing and learning. Jury member Mr Pankaj Kumar, gave away certificates of participation to the teams that made the presentations today. Jury leader ,Mr R P Tyagi also gave away certificates of participation to the remaining project teams. He reiterated that quality was a necessary life style skill for every person.

    Mr. N.K. Sharan, Vice President, Tata Business Excellence Group stressed that for change to happen one needs to be armed with tools like EQUIP.

    At Eduquest- Several improvement initiatives such as Education Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP), PANKH (improvement projects by students), and INNOTEACHING (innovations in teaching learning by teachers) are components of the Education Excellence programme.

    INNOTEACHING was initiated in 2013 with the objective to encourage teachers to question the existing teaching methods, research, examine, explore and test new methods of teaching so as to enable students with different learning abilities to learn by ‘Understanding’, not by ‘Rote’ .

    For the first time this year , SARAL and BASIC schools have participated in EDUQUEST. The presentations and awards therefore fall into 4 major categories: INNOTEACHING for Regular schools, PANKH for Regular Schools, INNOTEACHING for SARAL & BASIC schools and PANKH for SARAL & BASIC schools.

    At the start of the function, Mr. N K Sharan, Vice President, TBExG, welcomed the Jury, principals and teachers. He appreciated the efforts of the school teachers .He elaborated the ease with which schools and students could connect across the world and access any information instantly. In such a world, he said it was essential for constant change and improvement.

    EduQuestis a unique attempt to enable sharing of innovations in teaching made by the teachers. More than 42 innovative teaching practices were submitted to TBExG by a total of 12 schools in December 2015. 10 of these were shortlisted by an evaluation team comprising SushmitaGhose, JUSCO,& Ms. Nidhi Basu, TML.

    These shortlisted projects were evaluated by a Jury comprising Mr. D.D. Pathak (HR Consultant), Dr. Anita Gupta (Education trainer & Consultant) & Sister Mridula, Principal Sacred Heart Convent. The innovations covered a wide range of teaching methods like Personlaized Powerpoints, Advertisements, Trump Cards, “Pictionary”,Ludo& Tic Tac Toe.

    5 Innoteaching presentations were identified by the Jury for recognition at the Award function. These are: Teaching English, Math & GK using mobile teaching aids – Gulmohar High School, Adrite-the use of advertisements to teach English – Hill Top School, Spellbound -JUSCO School Kadma, Angle Ludo -Kerala Public School, Kadma and Tic Tac Toe – Kerala Public School, Mango.

    Ms.RuchiNarendran gave away certificates of participation to all the teachers & students. Mr. P. Ramesh of TBExG conducted the proceedings.


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