Thursday, December 8, 2022

Elephant census concludes in Dalma Sanctuary, count dwindles to 30

Jamshedpur: The two day long elephant census in Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary concluded here on Thursday. As per the data collected so far, the number of elephants in the Sanctuary has been reduced to around 30 from the erstwhile figure of 30 recorded five years ago, sources said.

Sources said the census was carried out by following latest scientific method by a team of experts led by scientists from New Delhi.

As per the officials, the number of elephants was calculated on the basis of laboratory test of the elephant waste found at different places across the Dalma Sanctuary. Even lions and tigers are counted on the basis of this method, sources said.

The census team carried out the tough task continuously for two days. Its members stayed at the Pindrabera Forest Guesthouse situated within the Sanctuary.

Earlier, the census of elephants was carried out in the year 2012. Then a total of 130 elephants were found in Dalma.

Then, the counting was done by a large team of forest officials who sat on treetops and hid themselves near waterholes waiting for the elephants to pass by so that they could be counted.

The whole process required much time and energy as opposed to latest techniques, sources said.

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