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Electric crematorium to be installed in Seraikela’s Kudarsai

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Seraikela, Oct 17:  The district administration is making efforts towards installation of an electric crematorium in Seraikela Nagar Panchayat area at Kudarsai. As per the directives of Deputy Commissioner Arava Rajkamal land marking process was completed on 1.5 acres of land area in Kudarsai.

Seraikela Circle Officer Suresh Prasad Sinha had written to the Additional Deputy Commissioner Subodh Kumar with details of the land marked out dfor installation of an electric crematorium. It may be mentioned that the installation of  an electric crematorium in Saraikela Nagar panchayat area has been a long standing demand of the citizens. Saraikela Nagar panchayat president Minakshi Pattanayak and vice president Manoj Kumar Chowdhary along with the citizens have welcomed the district administration’s move in this direction.

Manoj Kumar Chowdhary who is also the chairman of Shri Kaluram Seva Trust said that funerals being a very sanctimonious occasions involving lot of rituals, the family members of deceased persons found it difficult to perform such rites in the absence of adequate pyre spaces.

Saraikela social worker Manoj Kumar Chaudhary had taken the initiative that resulted in installation of two burning ghats at Kudarsai and Akharasal in 2019 but they were found to be wanting in ratio to the population. The installation of the proposed electric crematorium in Kudarsai would go a long way to resolve the problems.

Moreover, arranging wood for the funeral pyre has been a long standing issue at these crematoriums. According to local residents, till the 1980s there used to be a firewood depot in the Saraikela Forest Department compound that provided adequate supply for funeral and other purposes.

But ever since discontinuance of the availability, people have to make last minute rush to arrange for firewood as they have to look around for dry wood or even dried up trees to light the funeral pyre. This was a prime reason that led to the long standing demand for an electric crematorium in the Saraikela Nagar panchayat area.

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