East Singhbhum district police to strengthen mechanism for controlling cyber crime


    Delhi-based cyber experts to sensitize district police officials

    Jamshedpur, April14: With the city going hi-tech, cyber crime cases are also on the rise. The crime has shot up this year, going by the increasing number of petitions and complaints that the police are receiving.

    Concerned over the situation, East Singhbhum district police has decided to strengthen its mechanism for controlling cyber crime in the steel city. District police has roped in Delhi based cyber experts to sensitize district police officials on cyber crimes modus operandi and means to detect it using modern technology.

    Revealing about the move, SSP Anup Birtharey said that the all the police officers and policemen have to be computer savvy so that a criminal can be located and nabbed without making any further delay.

    “The officials of Technical Special Cell (TSC) knows how detect call record against a mobile number and how to track the caller by carrying out mobile phone surveillance within seconds. But what we need is to strengthen the cell,” said SSP.

    The senior SP said when the cell is functioning effectively, what they need is to spread its wings to various police stations and police offices, including the police control room so that after tracking the location of a caller from the TSC, the police action team on the other end must be ready to act instantly.

    He pointed out that for making the police stations cyber savvy, they must get the police stations equipped with computers and the necessary accessories.

    “When the police officials get well-conversant with the computer, then they will be able to find out the case history of any criminal at a click of a mouse sitting at any corner of the state. When we get the dossier of any criminal without making further delay, then it be an easy for find out the whereabouts of the criminal in question,” said the SSP.

    After efforts to control spurt in bank crimes, police are now focusing on ATMs and cyber crimes.City police have also directed banks to put up posters on safety protocols at all the nearly 500 ATMs for account holders.

    A source of the rank of DSP who was present during the meeting with banks officials, confirmed that bank’s have been given the leeway to prepare posters using private agencies.

    “The posters should be pasted prominently at entrances and include contents like not taking help of unknown persons for using ATM cards, not divulge PIN numbers to any persons, not allow anyone inside ATM room while using card and warn customers against attempts of ATM cloning,” the police official said.


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