Duronto Express trains to have commercial stoppages at Tatanagar from Jan 11


    Jamshedpur, Jan. 6: The Howrah-Mumbai Duronto Express (12262 Up/12261 Down) and Howrah-Pune Duronto Express (12222 Up/12221 Down) will have commercial stops at Tatanagar from January 11 and 14 respectively, confirmed South Eastern Railway ( SER) authorities.

    Both the Up and Down trains will have 10-minute commercial stoppages. So far the trains used to have operational stoppages at Tatanagar. Operational stoppage is a station where the train stops for cleaning, refilling of water and other maintenance job.

    The Howrah-Mumbai Duronto Express (Up) which runs on four days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday- will reach Tatanagar at 11.35am and after a 10-minute halt, will leave on its onward journey at 11.45am. Similarly, the Down train from Mumbai will reach Tatanagar at 3.50pm and after a 10-minute halt will leave for Howrah.

    The arrival time of Howrah-Pune Duronto Express (Up)- which will run on two days- Thursday and Saturday- is also fixed at 11.35am with a 10-minute stop at Tatanagar. The train will leave for Pune on its onward journey at 11.45am. On its return, the Down train will reach Tatanagar at 3.50 pm and after a 10-minute stop, proceed towards Howrah.

    A railway spokesperson at Garden Reach, headquarters of SER said notification has been issued in this regard. ” The operational stoppages have been converted into commercial stops in as many as two dozen Duronto trains running in different parts of the country.

    The decision has been taken because of demands from passengers of areas where the Duronto trains don’t stop,” said the spokesperson.

    Notably, several MPs of different parties have been demanding that Duronto trains must have commercial stoppages in between two connecting cities.


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