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Drug addiction root cause of rapidly increasing crime in the city: Akash Shah


Jamshedpur, Dec. 6: Jamshedpur East’s MLA Representative (Business Affairs) Akash Shah issued a press release questioning the administration’s ineffective attitude at the incident of robbery with a businessman located on Jugsalai Ram Tekari Road on Sunday . He requested the senior officers of the district to check the increasing crime.
 Shah said that the morale of the criminals in the city is high. There is no place in the city where the gang is not active. From snatching, theft, dacoity, robbery, bloodshed, all kinds of heinous crimes are being done fearlessly and the administrative system is not able to control. 
The robbery, which took place in Jugsalai Ram Tekari Road on Sunday evening by showing fear of pistol, has raised questions about the safety of the people in the entire city. 
A similar incident was carried out with the hotelier of Sakchi a month ago. However, in many cases, the administration has uncovered the incident by catching the torso of the criminals.
Taking cognizance of the drug trade, former DIG Kolhan had talked about setting up a Narcotics Cell in East Singhbhum district, but no such team of the present administration is working. Akash Shah has urged the district’s senior constable superintendent to run a special campaign to root out this drug racket and put an end to it with the help of general public, businessmen, students, social workers. So that the city can be crime free.


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