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Drizzle increases chill in air, cloudy weather for next 24 hrs in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, Feb 17: Sudden drizzle in the city on Tuesday night has brought a drip in the mercury making the weather chilly. Meteorologically, the rainy-season begins in April-May and stretches over September however, light rain has changed the weather conditions in the Chotanagpur plateau region.

Overcast sky and sporadic showers at different pockets of the region pushed the temperature further down. The light to moderate rain brought with itself the season’s first shivers.

The denizens woke up to a cloudy morning and the drizzle continued sporadically throughout the day. The chill in the air forced the citizens to wrap themselves in warm clothes.The Met further predicted that temperature during the night may also take a sharp dip by two to four degrees across the region.

Officials of the local weather department said that the sudden change in temperature is due to the formation of a cyclonic circulation over Gangetic Bengal that resulted in rain. The Met office predicted that the squally weather conditions may continue for a couple of days with the depression threatening to strengthen further.

“The cyclonic circulation has also affected the wind pattern. Till last evening, north-westerly winds were dominating over the State, but due to the impact of the cyclonic circulation, the wind pattern changed to easterly, which usually helps raising night temperatures,” explained a senior official of the local Met office.

The officials said that the department cannot forecast how harsh February will be this year. However, the temperature would range between 12 and 22 degrees.
 Meanwhile the daylong drizzle coupled with cold winds disrupted life in the city as people faced difficulties. The drizzly weather caused long tailbacks on the city streets on Wednesday. Pedestrians had trouble walking on sidewalks and roads and many found their clothes mud-splattered.


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