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Drive against Jamshedpur auto drivers for violating uniform norms


Jamshedpur, Dec. 10: Traffic police have launched a drive against those auto drivers violating uniform norms. DSP traffic Babban Singh said that there are still several auto drivers who do not wear uniforms, even though they were asked to do so compulsorily from March 1. The drivers are also required to highlight their Aadhaar, vehicle and mobile numbers on the windscreen of their autorickshaws. There are around 14,000 registered auto rickshaw drivers in the Steel City. Police have launched a drive to crackdown the drivers.

East Singhbhum DC Suraj Kumar had issued a directive last month asking autorickshaw drivers, bus drivers and helpers to wear uniforms. Autorickshaw drivers were also asked to paste fare charts in the vehicles in a prominent way so that they are visible to the passengers.

A large number of drivers are violating the rule about wearing uniforms on duty.  The Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 states that any driver on duty, should wear a uniform of a khaki bush coat and khaki trousers as they need to be recognized in public and anyone caught not wearing a uniform shall be fined Rs. 100.

The District Transport Office (DTO) has issued notice to all three wheel auto rickshaw drivers to wear their uniform and hold their name plates while driving rickshaw. Those found breaching the regulation will be penalized. It has decided to regularize drivers to avoid any unlawful activities. Wearing a uniform and carrying an official name plate will be compulsory for all drivers registered with DTO.

An official informed, “The campaign was started today by advising all drivers to follow the rules, after a few days we will take strict action against defaulters. Our motive is to identify all auto rickshaw drivers registered with DTO and it will help us to point out those who are operating their business illegally,” he added.

Several years since the department of transport made it mandatory for drivers and conductors of commercial vehicles to wear Khaki uniforms while on duty, the law enforcing agencies have failed to implement rules on ground. In the order it was also mentioned that stern action would be taken against the violators and it would be ensured that dress code is adhered to by the drivers and conductors.

The sole objective of this direction was to set up an identification of drivers and conductors in case of accidents and in cases of harassment or misbehaving with the passengers. However the law enforcement agencies are looking the other way and have turned a blind eye towards the issue giving free hand to drivers and conductors to flout the rules with impunity.


  1. Citizens of Jamshedpur town are very much thankful DC and DTO office teams to control law nd order on crime violence.

    Wearing a uniform and carrying an official name plate will be compulsory for all drivers registered with DTO. This will check and minimise violence and crime, safe for public too.

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