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Drive against illegal hoardings begins at Dimna Road

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Jamshedpur, Feb. 4: The East Singhbhum district administration launched a massive drive on Thursday to remove illegal advertisement hoardings, banners and posters put up by commercial establishments and organizations on street light posts and on roadsides in the commercial hub of Mango.

The drive was carried out on Dimna Road as well as on NH-33 stretch between Dimna Road and Pardih and saw over 10 illegal hoarding being uprooted using JCB (earthmovers) and gas cutters.

�We will continue the drive against illegal hoardings on other arteries in Mango this week,� said MNAC special officer Jagadish Yadav.

Following directive from the East Singhbhum deputy commissioner Amitabh Kaushal, MNAC had earlier launched a drive against illegal hoardings and banners put up near important roundabouts near Sakchi, Sitaramdera and MGM roundabouts and also inside Sakchi market. However, within weeks of the drive the situation is back to square one with hoardings and banners again sprouting near roundabouts.

�Besides posing danger to the public, these hoardings are hung without the permission or knowledge of JNAC. The city had many huge hoardings of every sort a range of organization, from residential associations to NGOs. Three years down the line, the number of flexes had only increased. The drive will continue until we get all the hoardings removed,� said an official.

An MNAC official said that they have identified the locations from where the hoardings had been uprooted and would be initiating case against advertisers under Bihar Prevention of Defacement of Property Act (1985) if hoardings are found installed at these locations again.

Incidentally, the state urban development department has adopted the Bihar Prevention of Defacement of Property Act (1985) since creation of separate state (2000).

According to provision of the Bihar Prevention of Defacement of Property Act (1985) offenders would be liable for a punishment of fine up to Rs 50,000 or an imprisonment of six months

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