Dr. Ajay claims India is under emergency-like situation


    Jamshedpur, July 5: Accusing theNarendra Modi government of functioning in an autocratic manner, Congress today said an “undeclared emergency-like situation” was prevailing in the country. 

    “The media is being suppressed, freedom of people curtailed as the ‘suit boot ki sarkar’ seemed to be working for benefit of selected few industrialists and businessmen,” AICC Spokesman Dr Ajay Kumar told reporters here. 

    “The government is working in an autocratic manner and an undeclared emergency-like situation is prevailing in the country,” he claimed. 

    Asked how can Congress accuses BJP government when it had itself imposed Emergency in the country in 1975, Kumar said during that time, the situation had warranted the government to impose Emergency as the integrity of the country was at threat. 

    The Congress leader, however, admitted that some wrongs were done during Emergency but the intention of the government was clear. 

    He said 45 people had met unnatural death in connection with Vyapam scam so far even as the Madhya Pradesh Government was hindering the investigation. 

    Congress strongly demands investigation by SIT under the supervision of High Court in this connection, Kumar, a former Member of Parliament from Jamshedpur, said. 

    Condoling the death of journalist Akshay Singh, the Congress leader said a fair investigation into the Vyapam scam including the death of Singh was not possible as long as the state government intervened in it. 

    He said senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh had already filed a writ in connection with Vyapam scam and related deaths in the High Court.


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