District Admin sets up ‘control room’ to end water woes


    Jamshedpur: In order to redress the water woes of the citizens during the summer season, the East Singhbhum administration has set up a control room. The room has been opened at office of water and sanitation mission situated at the deputy commissioners office.

    The room will monitor the ongoing process to tackle water scarcity in the city and adjoining areas. Senior officials of various departments have been deputed, who will review the progress work. In different shifts the officers would sit to ensure proper functioning of the control room.

    Amit Kumar, deputy commissioner, East Singhbhum has also passed an order that executive engineer of drinking water and sanitation department, Jamshedpur division, special office of Jugsalai Municipality, Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee must maintain a record of repairing of hand pumps and distribution of water through drinking water programme. The daily report would be filed at the control room.

    “After repeated complains the district administration has taken the step to deal with the ongoing situation. The control room will house all the details and the action plan required,” said a senior officer.

    According to the information, the water problem is more severe in the areas located at the tail-end of water supply system and on the city outskirts. In order to end the water woes of the resident the district administration has decided to distribute water through tankers in the areas of Baghbera, Jugsalai, Pursudih and Karandih, which are the worst affected areas.

    “It is really an agonising wait for the women for the arrival of water tankers in areas deprived of water supplies through the pipelines. Long queues of women standing fro waters at hand pumps are regular feature,” said Abhay Kant, a resident of Baghbera.

    “We get water supply only for 15 minutes daily and then it stops. How are we supposed to store it for the entire day? The quality of water is also poor. Though the tankers are ensuring that residents get their daily quota but still it is not enough to quench the thirst,” a resident of Jugsalai.


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