Dharma Saastha witnesses Vastu Shanti Puja


    Jamshedpur, Oct 22: A huge number of devotees witnessed the Saastha Preeethi celebrations at Dharma Saastha Temple in Bistupur performed under the guidance of Swami PN Shankaran.

    Learning from the earlier mistakes the temple has now erected a permanent tin-sheet structure put up for the convenience of devotees and the learned Priests (who perform the Yajnas) during the Saastha Preeethi celebrations.

    During the celebration today Tata Steel MD HM Nerurkar along with his wife Surekha Nerurkar, City SP Karthik S, Dr. TP Madhusudanan General Manager (Medical Services) Tata Steel Ltd and several others were present to partake in the Puja and seek the blessings of the presiding deities at the Temple.


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