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Dev Snan Purnima observed with reverence in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, June 4: The auspicious Dev Snan Purnima was observed on Sunday in the entire Kolhan Region with devotion. The rituals commenced since early morning. Holy water from different sources was brought into the temples and the deities, Lord Balabhadra, Mahaprabhu Lord Shri Jagannath and Subhadra were bathed and dressed in new clothes and worshipped.

As per tradition, after the Dev Snan, Lord Jagannath falls ill and he is quarantined. He remains in seclusion for 14 days and emerges out of his quarantine. On this occasion, Lord Shri Jagannath will emerge out of seclusion on June 19 when Netrotsav will be performed.

He along with Lord Balabhadra and sister Subhadra will embark on a Rath Yatra on June 20 to Mausi Bari where after spending seven days, the deities will return to their home temple on May 28. The air of religious festivity on the occasion of Dev Snan Purnima prevailed in East Singhbhum, Saraikela-Kharsawan and West Singhbhum districts in Kolhan region on Sunday.

Jagannath Snanotsav celebrated at Dhalbhum Club

Jamshedpur, June 4: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Jamshedpur, organised Sri Sri Jagannath Snanotsav on Sunday, June 4 at the Dhalbhum Club in Sakchi.

Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy along with social worker Pappu Sardar attended the religious event.

During the grand occasion, which coincides with the full moon of the month of Jyestha, the sacred idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra were reverently brought from the sanctum sanctorum to the bathing pavilion. With the accompaniment of Vedic chants, the deities underwent ceremonial bathing ritual, known as Snanotsav, with 108 pots.

Following the Snanotsav, Lord Jagannath manifested in the enchanting Gajabhesh form and blessed his devoted followers. This divine form is believed to bring welfare to the entire world. Notably, the water used during the ritual is infused with various medicinal herbs, making it sacred and therapeutic. Padmanath Jagannath Das and Chandrashekhar Parvat were also present.

Piety marks Dev Snan Purnima in Anant Baliya Baba Ashram

Baharagora, June 4: Dev Snan Purnima was performed with piety on Sunday, June 4 at Anant Baliya Baba Ashram in Baghrachura village under Kesharda Panchayat of Baharagora block. The religious occasion commenced with renditions of devotional songs since dawn.

Lord Balabhadra, Mahaprabhu Jagannath and Subhadra were bathed according to traditional rituals followed by prayers. Mahaprasad was distributed among the devotees in the afternoon. Netrotsav will be performed on Monday, June 19 and the Rath Yatra will be taken out on Tuesday, June 20. Chief Priest of the ashram, Baba Sevananda Das along with the committee members and devotees organized the Dev Snan Purnima programme with religious fervor.

Kalash Yatra by 1001 women on Dev Snan Purnima

Ghatshila, June 4: A procession taken out by 1001 women devotees who collected water in pitchers from the bank of Swarnrekha River in Maubhandar and carried it in a procession to the Sri Jagannath Mandir of Jagannath Seva Samiti Trust with which temple priests Sanjoy Tripathi, Niranjan Sathpathy SK Tiwari and Mrinal Rai bathed Mahaprabhu Lord Jagannath on the occasion of Dev Snan Purnima on Sunday, June 4. Lord Sri Jagannath, cousin Balabhadra and sister Subhadra were then decorated with new attire prayers were performed and Bhog offered to the deities and the Mahaprasad was later distributed among all devotees present.

As per tradition, Mahaprabhu falls ill after bath or Dev Snan and is quarantined for a period of 14 days. Lord Jagannath will emerge out of quarantine on Monday, June 19 when Netrotsav will be performed and the following day, on June 20, Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra will embark on the holy chariot, Rath and proceed to Mashi Bari where they will spend one week. On the eighth day, June 28, Lord Jagannath will make the return journey, also known as Ulto Rath to His home temple.

Dev Snan Purnima rituals at Rail Colony Shiv-Durga Mandir

Adityapur, June 4: The newly installed idols of Lord Balabhadra, Mahaprabhu Jagannath and sister Ma Subhadra in the Shiv-Durga Mandir at Railway Colony in Adityapur – 2, were bathed with holy water as per tradition on the occasion of auspicious Dev Snan Purnima on Sunday, June 4. The three deities were dressed in new attires after which, prayers were offered to Lord Jagannath. Following prayers and according to tradition, Lord Sri Jagannath fell ill and was put in a secluded place away from the attention of devotees for rest and recuperation for 14 days. Mahaprabhu will emerge out of quarantine on the 14th day, on June 19 when Netrotsav will be performed.

Lord Balabhadra, Mahaprabhu Lord Sri Jagannath and sister Subhadra will board the Rath on June 20 for the Yatra to Mausi Bari where they will spend seven days and return to their home temple on the eigth day, June 28. Those present at the temple for the Dev Snan Purnima Utsav included Mohit Kumar, Gyanendra Jena, Ashok Mahakud, Satish Sharma, Ravi Shankar Sharma, Santosh Behera, Shiv Shankar Yadav, Abhilash Mishra, Raju Mukhi, Abhishek, Satyajit Sahu, Hemant Kumar, Krishna, mainly as hosts in Devsnan Purnima worship program. Many devotees including Sahu, Robin Tarai, Rakesh Kumar, Viraj were present. The committee has invited all citizens to participate in the Rath Yatra that will be organized on June 20.

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