Demanding jobs, villagers block road near South Surda Mines


    Jamshedpur, September 28: Demanding jobs, villagers blocked the road towards South Surda Mines for the whole day.

    The strike affected the ore transportation of IRL company as the villagers had blocked the road since 5 am in the morning.

    For the same IRL company’s HR Head Prabhat Kumar and AK Tripathy met Musabani CO Vishal Deep Khalko demanding solution to the issue.

    Seeing the huge blockade, CO had sent Musabani Police to the spot and asked them for a talk.

    Protesters Manas Kumar Patar, Ratan Patar and Kunal Patar agreed for the dialogue. Gobardhan Patar informed that it was their land that is used in South Surda Mines and the land outside the mines has also deteriorated.

    He further said that since the year 2015 a memorandum was given for job of his son who is a diploma in Mechanical but till date there is no one to listen to his deeds.

    Ratan Patar said, his land was taken for the mines but no compensation has been provided to him. His son has done ITI in Electrical and have been demanding job but there is no one listen.


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