Demand to rehabilitate windstorm victims


    Jamshedpur, May 21: A delegation of panchayat samiti members led Afzal Akhtar has demanded construction of houses of Sabar tribes who were victims of the recent windstorm.

    All victims and their families are now homeless. The victims include- Biraj Sbar, Sujit Sabar, Subhadra Sabar, Shambhu Sabar, and Shambhu Sabar. Partially affected victims are Guruwari Sabar, Nantu Sabar, Bihu Sabar, Gurba Sabar and Tusu Sabar.

    Panchayat samiti members Prem Mahato, Sanjay Mani Tripathi, Asha and Sumitra Devi Bala Gorai were present while submitting a memorandum to area officer.


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