Dalit Federation demands basic amenities for the downtrodden


    Jamshedpur: Members of National Dalit and Most Backward Class Federation organized a two day conference at Khalsa Club, Bistupur on Sunday to discuss issues related to members of Dalit, Most Backward Classes and minority communities. They demanded that the government should provide basic amenities to the downtrodden and deprived classes so that they may be able to avail reservation quotas.

    Interestingly, a good number of the participants present at todays conference belonged to Congress party including Sardar Baldev Singh, Ramashraya Prasad, Dulal Bhuiyan, Rakesh Sahu and Parvinder Singh. The Congress leaders, while blaming the present government for the plight of the downtrodden and backward classes, however limited their government-cursing exercise to the BJP-led governments.

    A bystander witnessing the programme in disagreement with the allegations, said, “The Congress leaders did not mention a word about the several decades of Congress regime. They alleged that the Dalits and Most Backward Caste people are still deprived of their rights even after almost 70 years of freedom.

    But what they carefully omit to point out is that during majority of this period it was the Congress party which ruled the country. It is the Congress that should be held responsible and which needs to answer the allegations.”

    The Congress leaders raised several demands for facilities and employment to the MBC members. They demanded 27 per cent reservation for backward communities. They also demanded smooth issuance of caste certificates.


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