Dacoits assault Tata Timken officer, rob cash, gold from house


    Jamshedpur, Sept 13: Armed dacoits robbed the house of Tata Timken Employee on the wee hours of Sunday robbing property worth Rs 6 lakh including jewellery and Rs 40 thousand cash in NIT Co-Operative Society, Adityapur under RIT Police Station.

    Nine robbers tied up the Secretary of NIT Co-Operative Society, Rajesh Kumar Singh his wife and daughter in the bed room and robbed the house for over an hour.

    After the incident, the family called up their relatives who informed the RIT police about the incident. According to the robbed family, Police reached the spot after 35 minutes of getting information whereas the incident spot is just 200 meters away from RIT Police Station.

    A sword was left and several Rs 500 notes were found from outside the house after the robbers escaped the house. Dacoits entered the house after breaking the window and soon Rajesh woke up and started shouting but he was caught by the dacoits and tied him along with his wife and daughter and started searching for goods from Almira. Rajesh tried to make a call but robbers snatched the phone and broke it.

    Two dacoits held hostage the family members while some were keeping a watch on the door and others continued robbing. At the event robbers took out the food from refrigerator and also consumed liquor.

    It may be noted that six robbery of the same style have taken place in the last 4 years in RIT and Adityapur Police Station areas but till now police have been unsuccessful in cracking any of those crimes.

    Two years back dacoits robbed Industrialist Niraj Mishras house in the Society in the same style.

    As soon as the robbers entered the house Rajesh along with his wife and daughter started screaming but no one from their neighborhood woke up while people of the area are in a state of shock that dacoits robbed a house from 3 am to 4.30 am just near the police station and police was sleeping.

    After getting the information, DSP Deepak Kumar, Adityapur PS In-charge Arvind Kumar, RIT PS In-charge Amarjeet Prasad, Gamharia PS In-charge Adikant Mahato reached the spot and started the investigation. They examined the finger prints with finger print machine while pressed the police jawans to service near Adityapur Railway Station.


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