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CSIR-NML training programs to fill skill gaps: Dr. Sivaprasad


Jamshedpur, Sep 29: A virtual training program on the “Industrial Training on Metallurgy” was organised by CSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur.

The program which started on September 28 will continue till October 30.

This is initiated under the banner of the CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative national program.

The training program is expected to give a deep and practical knowledge and understanding to diploma and undergraduate students about metals, materials, minerals and metallurgy. A number of training sessions have been planned that will cover all areas related to metallurgy such as mineral beneficiation, iron and steelmaking, non-ferrous metal extraction, materials processing, materials characterization, failure analysis and waste utilization. Apart from these, the participants will have exposure to sessions to develop their core professional skills and data analysis skills that will help them excel in their professional life in future.

On September 28, the inaugural program bagan with Pragati Jha from KRIT Division of CSIR-NML introducing the speaker. Dr. Arvind Sinha, Head, AMP Division of CSIR-NML delivered the welcome address. He briefly talked about the objective of arranging this training program.

This was followed by an address by Dr. S. Sivaprasad, Head, HRG, CSIR-NML. He gave an overview of the CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative program. As stated by him, the main objective of this CSIR initiative is to utilize the CSIR knowledge base and infrastructure for contributing to national skill mission of Government of India. Dr. Sivaprasad brought out some facts about the skill gap that exists in the youth of India and narrated about various skill training programs conducted every year by CSIR-NML in an attempt to fill this gap.

With Dr. Sivaprasad’s presentation the inaugural program came to an end and the technical session started. There were more than 425 participants who attended the inaugural session of the online training program.


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