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Covishield vaccines inoculated among 80 % recipients in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, Oct 29: Around 80 percent of the total recipients in Jamshedpur have taken Covishield vaccine while the remaining 20 percent recipients had taken Covaxin vaccine.

According to the recent data shared by the district health department, 13,20,717 people had taken the first dose of the Covid vaccine in the East Singhbhum district and 5,66,890 people had their second dose.

Moreover, around two lakh people in the district of East Singhbhum, who were due for second dose of COVID-19 vaccination, have skipped it despite completing the prescribed time interval between two doses. Though East Singhbhum district tops the entire state in the matter of taking anti-Covid vaccine, negligence has been reported in taking the second dose.

East Singhbhum district administration is now also sending text messages to about two lakh individuals who failed to turn up for their second dose of Covid vaccine.

The administration was forced to issue such requests as people failed to turn up for their second shot. The officials are now engaged in convincing them to take the second dose, despite having missed taking it within the stipulated gap.

In the SMS sent to the recipient, the district administration is requesting them to get their second dose despite having missed the due date.

The in-charge of Vaccination Cell Sandeep Kumar Meena has appealed to those who have not taken the vaccine even after the completion of the second dose (Covishield). He has appealed to such people to take the vaccine as soon as possible.

 “ The number of people missing their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine remains a cause for concern in the city, with the latest data showing that at least 2 lakh missed their second dose,” said an official.

Another senior official said that while more people came forward to get vaccinated soon after the impact of the second wave, the momentum seemed to have reduced of late. He said even those who failed to take their second dose within the stipulated time frame shouldn’t bother about the delay and take the shot as soon as possible. The speed of Corona in Jamshedpur is gradually weakening. Only a few cases have been reported this week.


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