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COVID positives arriving daily at Tatanagar station


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Jamshedpur, May 10: On the face of disconcerting rise in COVID infections, many states have either declared total or partial lockdowns to break the widening chain. As a result, many labourers who had gone to other states in quest of jobs are returning to their hometowns and villages and the influx is not bereft of COVID virus carriers.

Passengers arriving at Tatanagar station from various junctions are being tested for COVID as per Jharkhand government’s directives since April 15. Quite a few of these passengers have been detected positive. On Monday, a team of Civil Defense volunteers and Health Department personnel conducted COVID tests of the 158 passengers who arrived at Tatanagar by the Nilanchal Special and Ahmadabad Special trains. Five among them were tested COVID positive. Their names, addresses and mobile numbers were recorded and sent home by ambulances. They have been advised to remain in home quarantine. Simultaneously, the Health Department forwarded the details to the district control room to monitor the infected patients.


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