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Counterfeit Tata sockets seized


Jamshedpur, Jan 27: As part of the ongoing effort to protect its brand and assets, Tata Steel, with the support of local Police conducted a joint raid at Shree Krishna Steel Industries in Rajkot, Gujarat on January 19, 2021 which led to the seizure of 600 counterfeit sockets and 1100 packaging materials branded with the name Tata on them.  This attempt of counterfeiting Tata Steel material affects the consumers as much as it affects the Tata Steel brand name.

Tata Steel’s products possess tremendous goodwill in the minds of the consumers by virtue of the quality of the products. Such unauthorised use of the TATA name on sockets which do not meet the quality standards of Tata Steel products impacts the reputation of Tata Steel. The Tata trademark is well-known and the logo is distinctive. The brand value it holds and the assurance of quality it brings to a product is based on trust and goodwill that has been acquired over decades of continuous and extensive use of the products. It was found that the brand name of Tata was being misused to sell the counterfeit products and cheat the customers. An FIR has been lodged Under Section 51 and 63 of the Copy Right Act.

Tata Steel condemns the misuse of the trademarks and logos and the use of the trademarks and logos of Tata Steel and Tata Sons without our prior permission. In furtherance to protecting the brand reputation and goodwill, Tata Steel’s brand protection team continuously monitors and acts against entities which are infringing on the Company’s Intellectual property rights including counterfeiters.

Tata Steel will continue these efforts in monitoring and acting against any such illegal activities which are impacting our assets and our Brand.


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