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City patrol vehicles mobile number made public

Jamshedpur, June 19: East Singhbhum Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Anoop T Mathew on Sunday made public the mobile numbers of City Patrol and Highway Patrol vehicles.

Addressing a press conference at his office, Senior SP said, to provide people with better police facilities and providing immediate information about the incident to police the mobile numbers have been made public.

‘The numbers will be present with the residents of the city and they would provide information about any incident to the patrolling vehicles which would ensure police to soon reach the spot’, added SSP.

At present there are 20 city patrolling vehicles and 3 highway patrolling vehicles which are controlled from the Police Control Room (PCR) and it’s a step to provide the citizens with improved facilities, informed Mathew. The details of vehicles include- PCR Petrol Number – Static Point- Area- Mobile Number.

Paroling vehicle 1 static point will be Pardi Chowk while the area of operation is Azadnagar and its mobile number is 7091091801.

Paroling vehicle 2 static point will be Mango Chowk while the area of operation is Mango and its mobile number is 7091091802.

For Sonari Airport Area in Sonari 7091091803, for Kadma Bazar in Kadma 7091091804, for Kharkai Bridge roundabout in Bistupur 7091091805, for Bistupur Light Signal in Bistupur 7091091806, for Circuit House roundabout in Bistupur 7091091807, for Railway Crossing in Jugsalai 7091091808, for Station roundabout in Baghbera 7091091809, for Labour Bureau roundabout in Telco 7091091810, for Steel Strip roundabout in Govindpur 7091091811, for Baridih Chowk in Birsanagar 7091091812, for Agrico Light Signal in Sidhgora 7091091813, for Golmuri Chowk in Golmuri 7091091814, for Tube Gate roundabout in Burmamines 7091091815, for Teen muhani Chowk in Sitaramdera 7091091816, for Sakchi roundabout in Sakchi 7091091817, for RD Tata roundabout in Sakchi 7091091818, for Dimna Road, Suman Hotel in Olidih 7091091819, for CCR Reserved in Jamshedpur City 7091091820. For Highway Petrol Ė 1 Dimna Chowk in MGM 7091091821, for Highway Petrol Ė 8 Sundernagar Chowk in Sundernagar 7091091822 while for Highway Petrol Ė 9 Karandih Chowk in Parsudih Police Station mobile number is 7091091823.

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