Changes expected in State BJP


    Jamshedpur : Jharkhand state BJP is gearing up to bring changes in the organisation.

    After Lok Sabha elections in which the party won 12 seats out of 14 , while the party in the assembly elections won 37 seats in its own emerged as the largest party.

    Party state president Ravindra Rai succeeded in winning a parliamentary seat. The party’s state officials Sunil Kumar Singh also won election.

    In addition, many state assembly elections, the party officials elected legislators. Meanwhile, in Jharkhand as the first non-tribal leader Raghubar Das took over as the CM, sources informed that party may appoint a tribal in a post to lead the party.

    The party’s membership campaign will begin soon. After non tribal CM organization has lead to calls for a tribal leader . Former CM Arjun Munda is preparing to move into national politics.


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