CBSE to teach good behavior to Jamshedpur school teachers


    Jamshedpur, June 1: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to provide good behavior tips to principal, teachers and the students of the schools affiliated to the board.

    How a teacher should behave during PT meeting with the parents? How the principal should behave with the parents when they visit the school to meet the former? Now CBSE will offer these behavioral tips to affiliated school administrations.

    CBSE will organize a training program at school level where school principal along with teachers will also be included. Training program will first be organized for the principal and later for the school teachers. During the training program they will be advised about how to behave with the parents.  

    According to sources at CBSE school, teachers will be informed to first listen to what the parents say and then have your own say, take school related feedback from parents time to time, if any parents complaints then solve the issue at the earliest, if a parent visits the school campus then make sitting arrangements for them, non-teaching staff and school guard should show good behavior towards parents and school should fix a time for parents visit.

    There have been reports that maximum parents complain about behavior of school administration. Several grievance of school also reach the CBSE board where parents through CBSE helpline or write to CBSE chairman directly.

    Several times hostility of the school administration and parents reach the child. If a parent complaints about the wrong behavior of teacher, then school pressurizes the child and the parents who filed the complaint.  

    CBSE will also take feedback from parents about their experience during the school visit.  Parents will be asked as to how much time they had to wait to meet the principal, did the school provide any facility during the waiting period, how did the principal, teachers, non-teaching staff behave with them, does the school authorities take initiatives to solve complaints filed by them etc.

    CBSE will also provide knowledge about how the school students should behave with their parents. The training program will held once or twice a month.

    The students will also be given tips about how to behave with the school teachers and principal. CBSE will be organizing training program for different zone. For Patna Zone the training would start by August 2016.  


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