Cases of fatal bonfire injuries on the rise as cold weather conditions continue to prevail


    More than 30 person mostly elderly women have died of sustaining burns

    Jamshedpur : Cases of bonfire burn injuries are on the rise in and across the city as cold weather conditions continue to prevail. As of today as more than 30 persons, mostly elderly women have died of sustaining burns in the bonfire in their house in the steel city.Very re3cently 55-year-old woman, Darshan Kaur a resident of Mosabani died of burn injuries.

    A resident of Mosabani Colony No 1 in Ghatshila sub-division, Kaur was burnt while enjoying bonfire in front of her house on Tuesday night. The same night the family members had rushed her to a local hospital in Mosabani and later on Wednesday morning shifted to the Tata Main Hospital’s burn care unit for better treatment. She succumbed to her burns at the Tata Main Hospital on Thursday morning.

    Like Darshan Kaur, Sumitra Gope (57) who was a resident of Kamalpur in Patamda was burnt in the bonfire in the night of January 29. The victim was admitted at the MGM Medical College Hospital on January 31 morning and died same evening.

    Of all the burn deaths, only two victims were from the steel city. One of the two was a 35-year-old woman, Budhni Devi and other one was 65-year-old woman, Sakuntala Devi, a resident of Govindpur.

    Significantly, all these deaths have taken place in the bonfire organised either at the victims’ household or at the bonfire organised in small way at villages.As many as 20 persons, have sustained burns while basking in the bonfire in the rural belt in the twin districts of Singhbhum and Seraikela-Kharsawan district during the past one month.

    Places like Kiriburu, Sonua, Meghatuburu in West Singhbhum, the minimum temperature goes down to as low as 2-3 degree Celsius during peak winter.

    The street dwellers are seen huddled around bonfires made of wood and garbage collected from roadside.
    As per the records of MGM Medical College so far more than 30 bodies of burn victim have come for autopsy since the December 1 from various hospitals in steel city. In the police Inquest made in connection with all these cases, it has been mentioned that the burns leading to the death of the victim was due to bonfire.
    Though most of these bodies of burn victims reached MGM Medical College for post-mortem from Tata Main Hospital, those died of burns were from the rural areas of East Singhbhum district or from the adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan and West Singhbhum district.


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