BJP district president election stalled, as rival supporters clash at poll venue


    Jamshedpur, Feb. 20: BJP prides in calling itself a party with a difference.” However, the chaos and bedlam that prevailed at the East Singhbhum district unit of the party here on Saturday revealed that it was just another political organization.

    According to reports, the district BJP unit had convened a meeting of its members on Saturday with a view to elect the new office bearers. However, the election had to be postponed owing to utter chaos and bedlam, as the local BJP members fought with their RSS counterparts before the party observers Pradeep Verma and Kulvinder Shetty.

    Sources said that BJP members were against endorsing the views of the RSS members present at the meeting vis-à-vis the election of the district unit president. The disagreement led to verbal arguments and alleged scuffles, following which the RSS members boycotted the party polls.

    The matters reached such a situation that the Bistupur police had to intervene. However, chaos prevailed again after the police left as the supporters of the different candidates for the post of the district BJP president again engaged in arguments and scuffles. Eventually, the two observers left the place for the Circuit House, where they have put up.

    Cancelling today’s election process, the observers informed the party members that they would inform the issue to the party hierarchy. Incidentally, though the observers left the election venue, the election officer is still staying at an undisclosed location in the city.

    Later, talking to media persons, party vice-president Satish Upadhyay expressed his unhappiness over the postponement of the election. “Our party is considered to be a disciplined organization, but today a section of party activists have brought us shame today.

    They were so adamant that they were not ready to listen to anyone.”

    In reply to a question, Upadhyay said, “The RSS is an integral part of the BJP and nothing can be done without their active support and advice.”

    In fact, trouble began to brew when the party high command issued the electoral list for electing the new district unit president. While most party workers were not happy with the electoral list, today supporters of the 12-odd candidates not only created a ruckus at the election venue by breaking furniture, but also by allegedly roughing up their rivals. Veteran party workers were seen sitting isolated, unhappy over the turn of events.

    Apparently, BJP Golmuri manal president Dinesh Kumar was the frontrunner in today’s election for the district president. Many are of the view that had the elections taken place today, Kumar would have emerged victorious. However, it seems that the current district president Nandji Prasad and his supporters were against his election to the post and, hence, allegedly created the ruckus deliberately to withhold the elections.

    Meanwhile, most party workers in East Singhbhum district are unhappy with Nandji Prasad for his reported ways of functioning.

    They even hold him for all the ills in the local unit of the party, including today’s melee.
    As of now, no one is sure when the party high command will announce the next date for the elections.


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