Bhumipujan for Kali Puja pandal held in Govindpur


    Jamshedpur: Bhumipujan for Kali Puja Pandal was done at Govindpur Community development ground on Friday. The Navyuvak kali Puja Committee for the last 42 years has been celebrating the festival. BJP district president Dinesh Kumar was the host for the occasion while the priest performed the rituals. Among the vedic chants the construction work began after which prasad was distributed among the people present.
    Present on the occasion were Committee president Shambhunath Singh, general secretary Anil Kumar Singh, Treasurer Kashinath Ghosh, fair incharge Satveer Singh Bagga, patron Mushtafi Choni, Manish Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar Dubey, Basant Kumar, Radheshyam Singh, Ashish Rai, Raman Singh, Vijay Yadav, Nikhil Sinha, Neeraj Dubey, Rahul Kumar and others.


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