Bhaskaran stresses on the need for JMA to focus on new initiatives


    Jamshedpur, May 10:Jamshedpur Management Association (JMA) organized its 19th annual general meeting at the Centre for Excellence Auditorium on Tuesday.

    The AGM was chaired by JMA President Sunil Bhaskaran (Vice President Corporate Services, Tata Steel).

    Apart from the normal business, the governing board praised the contribution of Rabindra Kumar as outgoing secretary of JMA and also appointed Amitabh Bhattcharjee as new Secretary of JMA.

    President Sunil Bhaskaran stressed the need for JMA to focus on new initiatives which can help in promotion of management development and capability building of its members.

    The AGM was followed by a session on the The transformative power of Big Data and Analytics” by Hindol Basu (General Manager & Head Analytics Tata IQ). The session was attended by large number of people.

    JMA is scheduled to organize more such informative knowledge sharing sessions and exciting events in FY17-18. This program was operated smoothly by the organization’s manager Sougata Sarkar


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