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Banned lottery business flourishes in Seraikela district


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Saraikela, May 11:  Sale and purchase of Lottery tickets are flourishing in the district in spite of the state government’s imposed ban. Middle class and lower middle class homes are sleep walking along the extremely thin and delicate margins of financial ruin. And all this with an expectation of getting rich overnight. Trade, business and other activities, be they apparently genuine or absolutely under cover can be banned but not hopes and dreams of people, especially daily wage earners, who live for the morrow and hope of breaking free of financial shackles. The big, gluttonous sharks harp on these dreams of the poor and literally mint money that oozes with the odor of toil and sweat for one day’s living. The lottery ticket dealers play on the hopes and expectations of people not destined to glow in the radiance of wealth and wealthy living. These elements are the main prey of lottery ticket sellers who are making money at the cost of financially hit people and their families who barely manage half a square meal a day.

Every person, at some point of living, thinks of ways of earning enough money to give the family a decent life. Some even dream of a shortcut to glory and this is where the lure of lottery takes a vice-like grip. Hopes and expectations for intangible miracles are fanned by the prospects of just that one chance to build a house, give children better education and overall to provide financial security to the family. For most, the chance never comes. Such people are destined to live and die in poverty. They seldom realize that lottery tickets are passports to financial hell.

Lottery ticket agents care two hoots for the government imposed ban on these nefarious tools of financial doom. According to sources, the booming lottery trade is flourishing due to protection provided by people in higher places. It has also come to notice that lottery ticket dealers have opened up underground offices with staff to run the business. This spreading of ungainly tentacles work in a network where results are gathered through the internet thrice a day depending on the date and time of draw. According to unconfirmed reports, lotteries of every other state and those of big sponsors of prize money running into crore of rupees have become the order of the day in Saraikela. The lure of big money expectations has made the whole exercise of illegal lottery business a lucrative trade for the sellers. But for the poverty riddled addicts with hopes of financial grandeur are destined to dig their own financial graves.


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