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Bandh has mixed response in Jharkhand’s Kolhan, only leaders no farmers among protesters


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Jamshedpur, Dec 8: The Bharat Bandh called by farmers and supported by opposition parties against the central government’s Farm Bills evoked mixed or to put it aptly, lukewarm response in East Singhbhum, West Singhbhum and Saraikela-Kharsawan districts of Kolhan Region. One observed leaders and supporters of opposition parites including Congress, JMM, RJD, left parties and labour union on the streets exhorting shopkeepers and business houses to drop shutters of their establishments but there were, ironically, no farmers to register protest against the central government’s Farm Bills.

Shop shops were indeed closed for fear of damage by the crowds of Bandh supporters. Some tugged down their establishments’ shutters as the protesters were seen approaching their locality but once they passed, it was business as usual. However, small vendors and traders and daily wage earners suffered as they could not attend to rtheir pursuits of daily living. Police pickets had been set up at 54 points including at fuel stations to prevent arson by protesters. But the personnel in khaki were not troubled as the bandh supporters protested peacefully. Heavy vehicles did not ply on NH 33, buses did not leave the Mango depot and minibuses kept off roads. A negligible few autorickshaws were seen plying in certain areas of the city. People moved freely on their personal vehicles and bandh supporters left them alone. The general people did not seem too much involved in the nationwide protest as they went about their routine activities without much hassle. The same scenario prevailed in the other two districts of Kolhan.

It was the Congress that led the bandh call in the urban areas and the JMM in rural belts. Yet, going by the pulse, the people in general remained unperturbed. Another main reason for the bandh not having the texture of bandhs people are used to encountering was that the day being Tuesday, shops generally remain closed. The BJP and allies naturally kept away from the Farm Bills issue leaving the opposition combine to shed their emotions for the cause of farmers.


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