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Ban on wheat export to ensure food security in India: CAIT


Jamshedpur, May 14: The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has supported the decision of the Government to ban exports of wheat. In wake of the current situation, the ban is a welcome move in order to meet the concerns of the Government to keep stocks for domestic consumption at the first point. This step was necessary to protect the food security in India, said CAIT.

CAIT National Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal and National Secretary Suresh Sonthalia welcoming the decision said that the unscheduled and sudden but extensive heatwave in the Country has caused substantial loss for wheat production. There is a shortage of wheat at the global level and war between Russia and Ukraine is one prime factor for that. India is a land of huge marginal income people and availability of “Roti, Kapda & Makaan” is the first priority of the Government. In order to ensure that the Country does not face any shortage of wheat, it looks that the Government has taken this decision-said the trade leaders.

India is the second largest producer of the Wheat all over the World, after China. About 30 million hectare of land is used for wheat production. It is expected that this year the production would be around 125 million metric ton. The domestic consumption of wheat stands at 105 million metric tonne. However, preventive steps are necessary to avoid shortage of wheat in India and therefore the decision of the Government is appreciated. Apparently, there seems to be no adverse impact of this ban on farmers and traders but it need at least 48 hours to understand the impact of ban on the market,said CAIT leaders.


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