Artists enthrall devotees with Bhajans at Jeen Mata Mahotsav


    Jamshedpur, March 15: Bhajans made the devotees enthrall the whole night at the ninth Jeen Mata Mahotsav organized by citys religious outfit Jeen Mata Pariwar, Jamshedpur.

    On day two of the festivity famous artists from Kolkata Neeraj Dhandhaniya, Radha Sharma, Ramavtar Agrawal and Soni Arora presented bhajans at Dhalbhum Ground near Agrasen Bhawan in Sakchi which made the devotees enjoy every bit of the evening.

    Present at the stage with the artists were Ganesh Chaurasia & Group from Kolkata, dance was performed by Devjeet Mukherjee & Group Kolkata. During the dance artists replicated the life of Jeen Mata.

    Jeen Shakti Mangal Path with Ganesh Vandana was also held at 3 pm were hundred of women devotees participated. Bhajan evening started at 8 am which went on till late in the night were more than 3000 devotees participated. Local artists Mahaveer Agrawal also presented bhajans.

    The main events of the day included Jeen Mangal path, Jeen Chalisha Path, Vishal Kirtan, Chappan Bhog Prasad and Mahaarti by 551 women.

    To make the event successful Bhawar Lal Khandelwal, Bhandarmal Khemka, Bajranj Lal Agrawal, Mahabir Moonka, Vinod Khemka, Hajarilal Moonka and others played vital role. It may be noted that the two day festivity started on Saturday, March 14 were procession was taken out on the first day from Sakchi Shiv Mandir were Shambhu Khanna performed the rituals along with his wife.

    The procession moved through Sakchi market-Kasidih-Sitaramdera and ended at Jeen Mata Mandir in Golmuri. The center of attraction during the long procession was magnificent fireworks displayed.

    The tableau of Jeen Mata at the procession also attracted several devotees.


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