Armed men loot Rs 51 lakh from two banks in Hazaribagh and Giridih


    Ranchi: Unidentified armed men carried out robberies in two banks, decamping with a total of around Rs 51 lakh in Giridih and Hazaribagh on Tuesday.

    Both crimes took place minutes after the banks opened, sources said.

    The police said that several discrepancies in the security apparatus of the bank have come to light in both the cases. According to police, robbers targeted Union Bank of India’s Bengabad Branch in Giridih district, decamping with Rs 30 lakh, and Allahabad Bank’s Ichak Branch in Hazaribagh, where they looted around Rs 21 lakh.

    “In Giridih, the armed robbers entered the bank within 10 minutes of its opening around 10.15 am. They entered as regular customers and then took the deputy manager hostage. They then asked for the key to the strong room. Some of them continued to keep vigil, locking anybody who came inside into the washroom and the others collected the money from the bank”, said a police officer.

    “The robbers took away the digital video recorder in a bid to evade detection through the CCTV footage”, the officer added. “They had come on two motorbikes and have escaped towards Chakai, which is on Bihar border. We suspect that they may have crossed the border after the incident. The police were informed 15 minutes after they left. The Bank did not have a guard of its own. None of them had covered their faces”, he said.

    In Hazaribagh, at least four persons entered the bank, while one kept watch outside. They approached the bank as regular customers, just when the bank’s employees were settling down for their day’s work. Soon, they overpowered the employees and the lone security guard. They then forced them to part with the keys of the strong room and decamped with cash.

    Although the bank is located in a busy market area, nobody saw them escaping. People realized that bank robbery has occurred only after police arrived, said Deputy Superintendent of Police Dinesh Kumar Gupta.

    The police said that all the employee counters had emergency alarms installed, but none worked. The CCTV cameras were installed only within the bank.

    There was none on the gate. The guard had not managed to get the possession of his gun, as he had deposited it in the strong room, on Monday, said Gupta. Out of five, only one had his face covered.


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