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All farmers in Jharkhand to be known as Birsa Kissan: Hemant Soren

CM distributes assets worth 734 Cr among 2 lakh farmers in 24 districts

Ranchi, August 9: Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren announced of a unique identity scheme for farmers of the state called ‘Birsa Kissan’.

The announcement was made during a program organised by the state agriculture department at Ranchi for distribution of assets to farmers and livestock owners during the World Indigenous People’s Day.

“From today all farmers in Jhakhand will be known as Birsa Kissan. The Birsa Kissan scheme would give financial strength and help farmers linked to the government’s welfare schemes. It is the government effort to provide timely training, guidance and financial assistance to all farmers (those having lands and not having lands). On this auspicious day we have decided to honour our farmers and from today all farmers would be known as Birsa Kisan,” said Hemant Soren.


The chief minister said that state government is making continuous efforts to strengthen the farmers of Jharkhand and make them self-reliant.

“The government is making plans and schemes  keeping in mind the coming 25 years and we are keen on giving concrete shape to the action plans. The farmers of the state will be strong only then the state will be strong. Even before independence, our ancestors had struggled to save water, forest, land keeping in mind their coming generation. Many brave sons including Lord Birsa Munda, Tilka Manjhi, Sido Kanho, Chand-Bhairava, Phoolo-Jhano sacrificed their lives. Jharkhand has been the land of heroes. We are proud that we have got the guidance of such brave sons,” said Soren.

State agriculture minister, Badal Patralekh, said that the scheme would help all the over 45 lakh farmers in the state linked with state government schemes through a database.

“All the farmers would be given an unique ID card linked with Aadhar cards through a bar code and the government would have information about each and every farmers including the welfare schemes to which they are linked, their land details (for farmers having lands) and also help farmers with training and benefit of poultry schemes for farmers not having lands. We hope to provide unique ID cards to at least two lakhs farmers before Rabi season (November),” said Badal Patralekh.

Hemant Soren said that the traditional sources of income have come down in rural areas. Due to deficiencies and lapses, rural farmers gradually gave up their sources of income like forest produce.

He said that the production of lac, silk etc. is the highest in the state of Jharkhand, but state is not able to get the full benefits of these resources.

“Our farmer brothers work hard but are not able to reap benefit. Our farmers were financially strong with the things nature gave us in the forests here, but with the passage of time things changed and today we are not able to make the resources from nature as a source of income. Work is being done with a commitment to make available the market and fair price for the forest produce to the farmers. Federations will soon be formed for the expansion of the forest produce,” said Soren.

Hemant Soren said that for poor farmers in rural area farmlands are their banks and livestock ATM.

“Animal husbandry and livestock are the easy means of income for them. Livestock used to be the capital for the rural people till a few years ago. There was a time when people used to take herd animals to the villages for grazing, such pictures are not being seen now. To promote the sources of income like livestock, our government has given special emphasis on animal husbandry. Cattle and cattle sheds are being provided to rural farmers and agricultural labourers on subsidiaries.  About 40% of the children in the state suffer from malnutrition as soon as they are born. Our government has decided that eggs should be provided to these children 6 days a week to make the children malnutrition free in the state. The government is promoting animal husbandry, poultry, egg production, fish production etc.  The government is working with the thought that people can feed their children home-grown food grains and eggs produced at home,” said Soren.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren appealed to the farmers present to take full advantage of the schemes run by the state government.

Schemes worth Rs 734 crore were distributed among 2 lakh farmers of the state.

“We are increasing coverage of farmers linked with Kisan Credit Card. Farmers are being linked with livestock,” said Soren.

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